At the conference “Safe childhood: preventing violence from pre-school age”

International Conference “Safe Childhood: Prevention of violence Pre-school Age” was organized by NGO Brave Phone on 17 May 2018. The conference is primarily intended for professional associates and educators working in kindergartens, as well as other interested professionals working with children, social welfare workers and mental health professionals from various institutions and parts of the system.

During the conference, a panel discussion was held where Renata Ćorić Špoljar, Clinical Psychologist, participated on behalf of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb, speaking from the perspective of mental health professionals about the possibilities of preventive action in the area of protection of children from violence and the necessity of intersectoral cooperation in these cases. On behalf of the Education and Training Agency, panel discussion was attended by Sanja Jelovčić, who talked about their preventive role and the programs being implemented in kindergartens. Vesna Kanceljak, BSc social worker from the Social Welfare Center in Zagreb talked about the role of social welfare centers and their measures, and on behalf of the Interior Ministry, Marko Pavić talked about the role of the police, when and how it involves them. Judge of the Zagreb County Court, Lana Petö-Kujundzic, PhD, talked about the legal framework when it comes to violence against children as well as children who are facing the court.

The aim of the panel discussion was to bring the participants of the conference closer to the work of the institutions involved in the protection of children and through the discussion to come up with new ideas to improve cooperation and as far as possible to work on prevention.

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