Professionals of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb participated at the 16th International congress organised by the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, held in Madrid from 22 to 24 June.

Members from 32 countries

The European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has members from 32 countries, including Croatia. Its aim is to encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills in the field of child psychiatry in Europe, dissemination of research results and clinical experience, as well as international cooperation aiming at increasing the children and families quality of life. ESCAP scientific committee consists of world renowned experts.

The last three ESCAP congresses were held in Budapest (2009), Helsinki (2011) and Dublin (2013), presenting with high quality content, and an emphasis on new research. This year, the main theme of the Congress was connecting empirical knowledge with clinical practice. In three days rich with sections, plenary discussions and panels, the Congress provided representative samples of the most important empirical knowledge in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as of the possibilities of innovative treatments. Many papers dealing with diagnostic challenges and dilemmas were presented, together with new approaches in working with patients and ethical issues in psychiatry. Papers in the field of neuropsychology, genetics, neuroimaging, neurobiology, therapy and prevention were also presented. The importance of interdisciplinarity in practice was emphasised. The Congress was an opportunity for colleagues from all over the world to connect and exchange their experience.

Invited lecturers and themes

This year, invited lecturers were dr. Celso Arango, Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón in Spain. The theme of his lecture was “Developmental trajectories in early onset psychoses: open windows for prevention?”, Prof. ScD Jan Buitelaar from Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands delivered a lecture about “ADHD and autism: two expressions of the same disorder”, Prof. ScD Peter Fonagy from the United Kingdom, Head of the Department of the University College London with the lecture “Psychotherapy for emerging borderline personality disorder”, Prof. ScD Ian Goodyer from the Psychiatric Department of the University of Cambridge lecturing on “Depression in children and adolescents: a developmental perspective”, Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann, Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy Department at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, lecturing on “New developments in the diagnostics and treatment of adolescent eating disorders”, Prof. ScD David Mataix-Cols from Sweden from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research Centre who delivered a lecture about “Obsessive compulsive and related disorders in children and adolescents”, Prof. ScD Sally Rogers from the United States of America, the UC Davis MIND Institute, delivered a lecture about “How Malleable is Autism? Outcomes studies from the youngest children with ASD” and Prof. ScD Katya Rubia from the United Kingdom, the Psychiatric Institute of the King’s College London, delivered a lecture about “Neuroimaging in ADHD: Medication effects and clinical translation”.

The plenary presentation by Prof ScD Normal Sartorius, a renowned psychiatrist and international expert, university professor in Geneva, whose roots are in Croatia, titled “Standard of care and policies in child and adolescent psychiatry” aroused great interest and enthusiasm,

Poster presentation “Abuse and neglect of children – 10 years of multidisciplinary teams experience in the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb”

Within the poster section of this year ESCAP Congress, poster “Abuse and neglect of children – 10 years of multidisciplinary teams experience in the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb” was presented. Its authors are dr. Domagoj Štimac, director deputy of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb, Prof. ScD Gordana Buljan Flander, director of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb, Ella Selak Bagarić Psychologist at the Centre and Prof. ScD Ivana Ćuković Bagić, vice-chancellor for students, studies and quality management at the University of Zagreb.

The Congress was also attended by ScD Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, director, and Irena Đuretić, head nurse of the Psychiatric Hospital for Children and Youth in Zagreb, dr. Aran Tomac from the Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb and dr. Aleksandra Klobučar from the Children’s Hospital Zagreb.

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