At a conference of the European Commission about Child Friendly Justice

Psychologists from our Center Mia Roje and Ella Selak Bagarić participated in the conference of the European Commission “Child Friendly Justice and Integrated Child Protection Systems – Lessons Learned from EU Projects” in Brussels, June 25 and 26, 2018.

Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb has been invited to participate as an example of inspiring practices in the world, and Ella Selak Bagarić, mag.psych. presented our model and the specifics of working with traumatized children and therapy dogs.

The work of our Center as an example of good practice was highlighted by colleagues from Serbia and participants of the PROMISE project.

Mia Roje, Ella Selak Bagarić, djeci prilagođeno pravosuđe

From the left:  Danica Ergovac, Ella Selak Bagarić, Mia Roje, Mirela Mujagić

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