At 13th International Conference on Scoliosis in Dubrovnik

13th SOSORT International Conference on Scoliosis was held in Dubrovnik from 17th to 21st April 2018. For the first time Croatia had opportunity to host top experts in this field, and lectures, workshops and courses gathered more than 300 participants from 37 countries around the world. At the conference two best researches were awarded and the winners one of them were Dr. Sunčica Bulat Wuersching, Ing. Andreas Wuersching from Kuća Zdravlja, prof. Tomislav Đapić, President of Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of Croatia and Gordana Buljan Flander, Director of the Child Protection and Youth in Zagreb, for the research “Parental role in scoliosis treatment”.

Psychologist from the Centre Ana Raguž, mag.psych., presented the paper „Psychosocial adjustment of children and adolescents with scoliosis“ (Authors: Wuersching Sunčica Bulat, Flander Mia, Raguž Ana, Dumančić Francesca). Furthermore, at the conference the results of research relating to the treatment of scoliosis in children was presented „Psychological aspects in optimization of scoliosis treatment“ (Authors: Wuersching Sunčica Bulat, Đapić Tomislav, Wuersching Andreas, Buljan Flander Gordana).

In mentioned presentations the focus was on psychological aspects of adjustment on diagnosed scoliosis in terms of the social and emotional indicators of well-being both children and parents. Experts agree that due to the long-term treatment of children and youth, who pass through a sensitive developmental period, support from family and experts is very important determinant of recovery.

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