ANNOUNCEMENT: Director and Youth Committee Will Participate in Zagreb MentalFest #bebrave

This Friday and Saturday – May 24th and 25th, 2019 – 2nd Zagreb MentalFest #bebrave will be held, featuring numerous experts and artists with their exhibitions, workshops, advices, artistic performances, all on the topic of mental health and destigmatization of mental health difficulties. Director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D., will hold a presentation on “The impact of peer violence on the mental health of children and Youth: bullying and cyberbullying” on the first day of MentalFest on May 24th, 2019 at 5pm on Strossmayer Square. After th presentation, members of the Youth Committee of the Child and Youth Protection Center will speak. The program continues with further expert presentations until 7pm according to the following program:

Ljiljana Marinac: ”Know yourself”

Tea Vukušić Rukavina: “The stigma of mental illness in the media”

Hrvoje Handl: “Am I different from you ?!”

Martina Rojnić Kuzman: ”Stigma”

Tončica Šiško: ”Speaking with movement”

Tanja Dejanović Šagadin: ”Workshops for strengthening self-confidence and assertiveness – prevention of bullying and mental health problems”

Vinko Drača: ”Voices of psychiatric clinic patients in the history of psychiatry”

Ana Vaništa Košuta: ”Anxiety as a signal… how am I, what am I, do I have a choice in changing my life?”

Vlatka Ročić Petak and Robert Janeš: “Nothing about us without us”

After the presentation, all experts will sit on one of the benches in the park where they will be able to talk with interested citizens.

After 7pm, the fun part of the program with the concert and the Stand up program begins at Strossmayer’s Square, and the following day, lectures and workshops take place at the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health.

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