About Attachment and High-Conflict Divorces on the 12th Psychology Week

As part of the 12th week of psychology program, a professional congress on attachment was organized in Samobor by the Social Welfare Center Samobor, Section for family, marriage and partnerships psychology and Centre for public education Samobor, on February 21, 2019.

In the first part of the congress, prof. dr. sc. Nina Pećnik, from the Social Work Study Center of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, held lectures on “Contemporary conceptualization of good parenting and parenting support programs”, and in the second part, psychologist from Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb Ella Selak Bagarić , mag. psyc. in a two-hour lecture titled “Affection and HighConflict Divorce” featured new scientific findings on the consequences of conflict on child development, the determinants of partner relationship between parents before, during and after divorce and attachment from the aspect of pathological hierarchy in the family.

The lecture was intended for psychologists, psychology students, social workers and related professions, who responded in large numbers.  Iva Kuculo, psychologist from Child and Youth Protection Center, also participated in the lecture.

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