24sata: Emotional abuse of children distorts faith in their own capabilities

On October 10, 2018, an article from 24sata was published concerning the report of abuse of the pupils in the Medulin Primary School by their religion teacher, and statement on the consequences of emotional abuse for children was given by Centre’s Psychologist Mia Roje:

Mia Roje, a psychologist from the Child and Youth Protection Centre, says that with these procedures, children are having faith in their own capabilities distorted.

– Children who suffer from emotional abuse have just as severe, and in some cases, more severe consequences of children who suffer from physical abuse. Their self- confidence, self-esteem, and belief in their own ability to face life’s problems are distorted. They can be anxious and depressed, emotionally abused children sometimes use self-harm as a physical manifestation of their inner pain. Especially if it is their important person or a person of authority who is violent, which are mostly parents and teachers, children begin to believe in their words and see themselves in a negative light. They often learn violent behaviour and behave equally (or worse) toward peers, animals, family members. They also lack other problem-solving skills. The other extreme may be an unconscious involvement in relationships in which people will behave unfairly and violently against them, and they will receive confirmation that they deserve it. No form of violence is justified. Children and young people need to learn from early age by having an example of adequate methods for problem solving, says child psychologist Roje.

Read the full text on link: https://www.24sata.hr/news/vjerouciteljica-jos-radi-napala-ucenike-skarama-i-udarala-ih-594491

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