NEW PUBLICATION: “All Faces of Childhood Depression and How to Overcome It” Psychoeductive Workbook

Experts of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, PhD-MD. a psychiatrist, and Ana Raguž, a psychologist, are the authors of the psychoeducational workbook “All the faces of childhood depression and how to overcome it”. Although we often hear and read about depression, there are various myths about what depression really is and how we can recognize it. In this workbook parents, children, young people and experts on 50 pages can find answers on what is actually a depression, which is different from the sad and gloomy mood, which are the signs that indicate that someone is suffering from depression, it looks like children’s depression, and then book provide information to teaches them step by step how to deal with it. The workbook was created by selecting educational materials and activities according to the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression for which there is strong evidence of effectiveness. All materials and activities are adapted for children and adolescents so that they can apply them on their own. Of course, adult help is always welcome, either by parents or some other adult.


You can download the workbook for free in PDF format at the link here (on Croatian language):All the faces of childhood depression and how to overcome it? (PDF)


It is allowed to published in the media and on other portals with a link and citation of the source: Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, and authors Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, PhD-MD and Ana Raguž, MSc Psychology


As the authors Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, PhD-MD and Ana Raguž point out, mood swings are a common occurrence in all periods of life, and we witness that the epidemic situation caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the earthquake in the City of Zagreb had a significant impact on the mood of both adults and children. Numerous unpleasant emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, frustration, the experience of helplessness and insecurity occurred naturally, and which were very often very intense. Although the epidemiological measures have partially weakened, everyday life has become “normal again”, everything experienced, with numerous individual circumstances in each family, has left a mark on some children and young people, so they still face many “difficult” unpleasant emotions. According to recent world research and statistics, children and young people due to these circumstances, which posed (and still pose) a threat in psychological and health terms, are impaired mental health and show increased signs of anxiety and depression.


Message for adults: Although depression has many faces, with the help of a person close to the child and professionals, it is possible to overcome it.

Parents and adults, you can go through certain contents together with children, especially younger ones, or just look with interest at what the older children have fulfilled. This way you can help them connect with you in these moments when it is really important and necessary for them. Children always, especially when faced with a health problem such as depression, need safe, warm, caring and supportive parents or other adults. You can help them turn a stressful situation of coping with depression, into a constructive experience of learning different life skills contributing to recovery and the development of emotional resilience.


It is important to note that this workbook and its contents are not and in no way can be a substitute for the professional treatment assigned to the child by a mental health professional. However, it can be used together with the treatment in which the child is involved with the consent of the specialist in whose treatment the child is.


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy. 

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