Karen Woodal: “Alienation of the self from the self: the problem for children induced to use defensive splitting”

We link here for you an original of a new column by Karen Woodall, a psychotherapist from the London Family Separation Clinic, from her blog: https://karenwoodall.blog/2020/05/25/alienation-of-the-self-from-the-self-the-problem-for-children-induced-to-use-defensive-splitting/?fbclid=IwAR1ELJU3sPzvOcoNA6MVOnEnmipRlM_1AMuyiUotY7f4s_ZqbqHVqeEI8II


Karen Woodall is the president of EAPAP, co-organizer of the EAPAP 2020 conference to be held on 16th – 18th September 2020, and educator and supervisor of the experts of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center.

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