FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: 6 webinars about phone and e-counseling and a free manual “Hello, help!”

Following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Brave Phone has organized 6 free phone and e-counseling webinars for mental health professionals through the Child Hub platform. The webinars were hosted by members of the Brave Team’s education team, including experts from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, psychologists Mia Roje Djapic and Ana Marija Spanić.

Webinars are held in late March 2020, with the aim to help professionals to better respond to the needs of citizens, but also to protect themselves from burnout. All webinars have been recorded and these recordings are available for free on the Child Protection Hub YouTube channel to all interested parties.



“Consulting Talk – What and How ?” was held on March 23 by psychologist Ines Rezo, MSc. of psychology, from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

The topic of “Counseling conversation and specific types of calls” was continued on March 24 by psychologist Mia Roje Đapić, MSc. of psychology, from the Zagreb Child and Protection Center

The following day, the topic “Emotionally difficult and disturbing calls” was covered by psychologist Anamarija Vuić, who also held the topic “Electronic counseling” on March 26th.

“What after a traumatic event? Phone Counseling Support” was held on March 27 by Sena Puhovski, psychologist and psychotherapist.

A series of webinars is the theme of ” Specifics of the consultation process, indirect trauma helpers and the importance of caring for their own mental health” ended on 30 of March Ana Maria Spanic, psychologist of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center.


The webinars were attended between 330 and 390 experts from all over Croatia, but also joined by experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Most experts (about 60%) were psychologists, about 30% were social workers, and the other 10% were social educators, pedagogues, rehabilitators, speech therapists, medical professionals, teachers and other professionals.


You can also find more information about the webinars themselves at the following links:


Available for free download is a professional manual of the Brave Phone and the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center (on Croatian language) in PDF at: HELLO, HELP! a guide for mental health professionals on the specifics of telephone counseling in the wake of a pandemic (PDF) 


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy. 

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