FLYER: Kids under stress – stress in children and adolescents

A message for parents, teachers, professionals, and mental health professionals: Print this leaflet or share it electronically with the parents of the children you work with! The leaflet is free to print and distribute, except for commercial use.

Children and adolescents will not always be able or willing to express their feelings in words, but we can recognize them by their reactions. Signs of stress in children can vary from child to child, but when we know that they have experienced events that are a significant source of it, such as a health crisis and earthquake, it is important to pay attention to their functioning. How (apart from words) children and adolescents can let us know that they are under stress and how we can support them, read in the new leaflet whose authors are the psychologists of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center Ella Selak Bagarić and Tea Brezinšćak.

Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy.   

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