At the 2nd Inter-Judicial Family Law Counseling

Zagreb III. Branch of the Association of Croatian Judges and the Zagreb Municipal Civil Court organized the 2nd Inter-Judicial Family Law Counseling on December 16, 2019 in the Zagreb Municipal Civil Court. About 48 judges from all over Croatia participated in the consultation, 45 of them from municipal courts, two from the Zagreb County Court and one from the Pula County Court. Also present at the conference were guests: Constitutional Court Judge Andrej Abramović; director prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD and psychologist Mia Roje Đapić from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, Director of the Center for Special Care Nela Bodrožić Selak, and employees of the Center Ana Bokulić and Tina Eljuga and representatives of the Center for Social Welfare Zagreb: Irena Kovačević, Bojana Olić, Vesna Herceg and Mladen Djurkinjak.

The consultation was organized and led by two moderators, Judges of the Zagreb Municipal Civil Court, Kolinda Kolar and Tijana Kokić.

In the first part of the consultation, Judge Kolar presented the problems associated with expert witnesses in the procedures concerning the regulation of the contents of parental care, followed by a very high-quality discussion, thanks to the presence of expert witness Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD and her colleagues Mia Roje Djapic from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center. Questions addressed by judges working on family law cases throughout Croatia were discussed in advance and a presentation was prepared with possible answers to these questions.

The discussion was sometimes heated and certain questions could not be reached in a single conclusion, but such a discussion just showed the need to exchange experience, knowledge and practice. This time, the consultation was rated as very successful, praised the change in the concept of counseling and participants expressed great interest in further organizing the consultation with the same concept, with the possibility of extending topics and time for discussion.

This is evident from the questionnaires filled in by the participants.

Due to the great interest and excellent evaluation, the next consultation is planned in 2020.

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