A free publication of “50 Activities for the Whole Family #StayHome” Shared to Families in a Concussion

The free publication, “50 Activities for the Whole Family #StayHome,” published by the City Health Office of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, was distributed to the families who left their homes a month ago in the Zagreb earthquake and are accommodated with children in the Cvjetno naselje. This booklet is our small contribution to their daily lives in this coronation crisis.

The booklet brings activities for the whole family and was created through the selection of activities that we have been implementing for years in various prevention programs, early interventions, and monitoring. The Brave Telephone Association also provided us with its materials, which it collects from various sources through the years of working with children and families. All activities are tailored for homework without the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of mental health.


What distinguishes them from “ordinary games ” is that they are aimed at developing socio-emotional competences, communication skills, enhancing psychological resilience, fostering togetherness, cohesion and better getting to know themselves and family members. Of course, they include a lot of fun elements to help pass the time faster, and to enrich our lives with laughter, optimism, and thus build immunity – physical and emotional.


You can download the publication at the link here in PDF (on the Croatian language): 50 activities for the whole family #StayHome


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy. 

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