Bruna Profaca



  • 2008 Doctorate thesis in the scientific area of humanistic sciences, scientific field psychology (clinical and health psychology)

Department of psychology, The Faculty of Philosophy, The University of Zagreb, 2008

Title: Childhood exposure to traumatic experience and psychosocial functioning of the youth

Degree: Doctor in the scientific area of humanistic sciences – the field of psychology


  • 2002 Postgraduate study, Degree: Ph.D., Thesis: Parenting stress and some characteristics of social and emotional development of preschool child
  • 1978 -1983  University of Zagreb, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of Psychology, Academic degree: Psychologist, M.A., Graduation thesis: Research in the development of cognitive concepts



  • 2006   Workshop in integrative psychotherapy: The art and science of the relationship, (Trainer: Richard Erskine)
  • 2005   Gestalt psychotherapy for children
  • 2005   Using therapeutic cards in counselling and psychotherapy ( Trainers: T.Radionov and I. Bezić)
  • 2005  The use of psychological instruments (MMPI, Wartegg test) Trauma Treatment Clinic, Hawaii, the USA
  • 2003 Forensic evaluation training, National Children’s Advocacy Center, Huntsville, Alabama and Child protection center of Zagreb, Zagreb
  • 2001 Abused and neglected children, Brave Phone, 2001, Zagreb
  • 1999 Workshop in Gestalt Art therapy, Zagreb, (trainers: Zora Subotić and Claudia Wagner)
  • 1997 Family Gestalt therapy, (trainer: Jesper Juul) Society for Psychological Assistance and Kempler Institut of Skandinavia
  • 1995 -1997 Advanced Trauma and Recovery Training Program for Mental Health Professionals, (328 hours), Society for Psychological Assistance and The University of Texas (Houston )
  • 1993,1994 Training for participants in psychosocial projects, UNICEF ( dr Robert Pynoos, dr Ofra Ayalon), Ministry of education and sport of Croatia and UNICEF
  • 1993 Gestalt Art therapy, (trainer: Michael Rain)
  • 1992 Methods in work with traumatized children (Magne Raundalen)
  • 1991 Workshop: Emerging Body Language, Section for preschool psychology
  • 1988 Workshop in behaviour therapy, Zagreb, HPD
  • 1986-1988 Gestalt therapy (240 hours),Section for clinical psychology



  • 2002 – Psychologist, Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Head of diagnostic and treatment department 2002.-2017.
  • 1985 -2002 Psychologist, Kindergarten Bukovac, Zagreb



  • 2009 – 2011 Lecturing in Clinical Psychology and Psychological counseling for specialization postgraduate students. University of low, University of Rijeka and University of Zagreb.
  • 2006 Forensic evaluation in psychology (work with psycho traumatized children)
  • 2005-2006 Collaborator on scientific project of the Institute for social research, Center for research and development of education
  • 2005/2006, 2003/2004  Lecturing on Specialization in clinical psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty for humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb
  • 2003/2004 Lecturing in Department of Psychology, Faculty for humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb; Mentor for psychology students
  • 2003 –  Educator of volunteers of Brave phone
  • 2003 Seminars in Psychology of education, Faculty of teacher education, University of Zagreb
  • 2000/2001 Seminars in Psychology of education, Faculty of teacher education, University of Zagreb
  • 1997-1999 Project of psychosocial help for refugees and displaced children: Center for initiatives in social policies, Zagreb
  • 1997-1998 Educator in program Basic Trauma and Recovery Training Project, Society for Psychological Assistance
  • 1997-1998 Project of Ministry of education and sport of Croatia and UNICEF: Help them grow up; Psychological support for teachers“
  • 1997 Member of Crisis intervention team, Society for psychological Assistance; Educator in the educational project for professionals
  • 1993-1996 Project of Ministry of education and sport of Croatia and UNICEF: Program of psychosocial help to refugees and displaced preschool children and their parents and teachers in refugee camps
  • 1991- Telephone counselling on Helpline for psychological help



Books and brochures:


  • Author and editor of brochures and leaflets for professionals and parents, Child protection center of Zagreb
  • Author of a few chapters in books, several journal articles and papers on conferences in Croatia and in other countries.
  • Žižak, A., Profaca, B. and Milanović, M. (ed.)(1995): Handbook II for educators included in the Program for psychosocial help to displaced / refugee children and to war traumatised preschool children, to their parents and pre-school teachers working with them in kindergartens and day care centres within refugee camps, Ministry of education and sport of Croatia, UNICEF, Zagreb
  • Starc, B., Čudina Obradović, M., Pleša, A., Profaca, B., Letica, M. (2004): Characteristics and Psychological Conditions of Pre-school Child Development, Golden Marketing, Zagreb
  • Profaca, B. and Puhovski, S. (2005) Helping the Mourning Child, Child protection center of Zagreb, City of Zagreb
  • Profaca, B. (1993) Let’s Talk about Mum and Dad, book for children, Tin d.o.o., Zagreb



Croatian Psychological Association

Society for Psychological Assistance

Croatian Psychological Society

The International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN

NGO Brave Phone


2003 Award of Croatian psychological society ‘Marko Marulić’ for the contribution in applied psychology

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