The Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb has successfully implemented and certified the system of quality management required by the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Adopting and certifying the quality management system has been our strategic decision which helps in improving overall performance, fulfilling the requirements of the standard, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing risks, recogising business opportunities and ensuring supervision of operations. It comfirms our committment to ensuring continual improvement.

By defining our vision, mission, strategy and quality management policy, the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb expresses its full committment to determining patientsʹ as well as other interested partiesʹ requirements and needs. By constant reviewing of interested partiesʹ needs and expectations ensuing from the context, the Centre is continually conducting strategic reviews in order to maintain its focus on increasing patient satisfaction.

To successfully satisfy our patientsʹ and all other interested partiesʹ requirements and needs, the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb issues the following vision, mission and quality policy.


The Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb will become one of the leading institutions for child and youth protection in the European Union by developing a high quality of services and innovations in working with the specific population of children and their families, at the same time fostering an individual approach accommodating the needs of every child and family.


Our mission is developing a safer society where every child and his/her family receive efficient help. The Centre will provide efficient and systematic help to abused and neglected childdren and their families based on professional work within a multidisciplinary team and on collaboration with various institutions at various levels. Based on international experience, every child will be approached by a specialised team and provided with the most efficient and humane solutions to his/her problems. Besides direct work with children, conducted by sensitised and educated professionals involved in permanent training, the Centre has the important function of facilitating collaboration of various institutions involved in the problem of abused children, with the purpose of providing better child protection.


With the purpose of further elevating the level of provided psychological, social, psychiatric, special education and paediatric help to children with various traumatic experiences, as well as to their parents and of helping them to cope with the consequences of these experiences better and more successfully, we have established and are maintaining the quality management system according to the HRN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our employees and clients satisfaction is of utmost importance and we are undertaking what is necessary to achieve that. Clients always come first. Human resources management is extremely important. We are employing professionals eager to acquire new knowledge. We motivate them for learning and personal development and provide everything necessary for that. We provide them with a fair reward system.

With the purpose of focusing on customersʹ needs and also on ensuring all other interested parties satisfaction, the Centre is making a commitment to:

–           recognise direct and indirect customers as subjects receiving new value from the Centre;

–           understand all interested partiesʹ existing and future needs;

–           link Organisationʹs goals to customersʹ needs and expectations;

–           communicate customersʹ needs and expectations across the Organisation;

–           plan, develop, produce, supply and support services to satisfy customersʹ needs and expectations;

–           measure and monitor customersʹ satisfaction and undertake measures accordingly;

–           define and undertake measures aiming at interested partiesʹ needs and expectations satisfaction which may have impact on customersʹ satisfaction;

–           actively manage customer relationships with the purpose of achieving continual success.

The management of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb is affirming its dedication to promoting Organisation’s committment to quality by communicating its mission, vision and quality policy, by establishing and maintaining our corporate values, fairness and ethical models of behaviour at all levels of the Organisation, by establishing the culture of trust and integrity and by ensuring that all responsible professionas at all levels of management are role models for the people within and outside the Organisation.

The management of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb will provide employees with necessary resources, training and empowerment to work responsibly. It will inspire, motivate and recognise their contributions.

Quality policy is mandatory for all our employees and associates.

Zagreb, 05 October 2018

Director: Prof. Sc. D. Gordana Buljan Flander


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