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With the first use of the web site and connected social networks, it is considered that you are fully familiar with these Terms of use and that they are understandable to you and that you accept them. If you do not comply, please do not access this location and social networks that are connected to it, and do not use their contents. In case of any questions regarding Terms of Use please contact us at info@poliklinika-djeca.hr.

We reserve the right to change the appearance and contents of the website and connected social networks (FB, You Tube) and Terms of Use at any time, so we propose to you to study them occasionally in order to get acquainted with possible changes. We consider your further usage of the website compliance to possible changes.

  1. Terms of use

Acceptable use

You may download and print or share or browse contents of this website and connected social networks (FB and You Tube) for personal use only. The public display, transmission, publication, modification, reproduction, distribution, participation in the transfer or sale, copying, uploading or other use of any of the content of this site or any part of it is prohibited, as is the selection and alteration of its contents without the prior written permission of Center  and other copyright owners.  Where such permission has been granted, no omission or alteration to the existing copyright and/or trademark data shall be allowed.

Commercial use

This website https://poliklinika-djeca.hr and connected social networks (FB and You Tube), may not be used for trading, selling and other commercial purposes.  The transfer and publication of obscene, libelous, vulgar, threatening, offensive, or otherwise objectionable or illegal materials is prohibited, as well as materials which breach any of the rights of any parties, and especially materials containing computer viruses or other harmful material.  The users alone shall be liable for any damage resulting from activities not in accordance with these terms, or any other harm arising from this. Center reserves the right (but is under no obligation) to entirely or partly delete the materials and contents posted by the users.


  1. Copyright

The contents of webshite https://poliklinika-djeca.hr and connceted social networks (FB, You Tube) are protected by copyright owned by Center or licensed to Center and owned by third parties. Editing, selection and adaptation of the contents of this location are also subject to Center´s copyright.  Furthermore, this site contains logos, names of individuals and other elements of intellectual property owned by Center or licensed to Center by third parties. It should not be assumed that any of the contents of this site is in the public domain. Permission to reproduce is required.

Photo and video gallery

All photographs, images, videos, personal information and/or other material on this website and connected social networks (FB, You Tube) are owned exclusively by Center.  All the material on the website is subject to copyright owned by Center. All rights are reserved. Permission to use these materials is granted to subjects solely for promotional, editorial and information purposes when publishing it in newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Any other kind of usage of this website material is prohibited. Otherwise, the use of any of the materials from the Center´s website is prohibited for the purpose of selling or offering products or services of any kind.  The permission and use of this website granted herein may not be transferred, subcontracted or assigned and any intended or attempted transfer, subcontracting or assignment will be considered invalid.  Using the material of this website, the media users accept, without limitation, the restrictions, terms and conditions set forth herein.

  1. Warranties and Disclaimers

While Center  takes reasonable efforts to ensure that the information on its website https://poliklinika-djeca.hr and connected social networks is accurate and up-to-date, it makes no warranties as to its accuracy and completeness, and it does not grant the right for objection regarding this. Aside from product warranties expressly set forth by Center, Center emphasizes that all the materials and content of this website are provided ‘AS IS’, and Center  assumes no liability for any consequences that might arise from a different interpretation of the materials and content of the website. Center does not warrant that this website will always be accessible and available, or free of errors and viruses. Every user agrees to use this website at their own risk.

Center shall not be liable for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damage) arising from the use or inability to use any part of this website, or any materials published or posted by other users.

Media subjects and other users of this website and connected social networks agree to compensate Center  for any and all the claims, costs, damages or liabilities arising from careless use of the materials from the website by that user, including any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.

Disclaimer of endorsement

Reference herein to any product, process or service by trademark, logo, manufacturer, etc., does not necessarily indicate that Center or any of its employees promote, recommend, or endorse these products, processes or services.

External Link Disclaimer

The existence of external hyperlinks does not indicate that Center  promotes such external websites, or information, products or services contained therein. Neither Center nor any of its employees have control over the information contained in such external sites. External links published on this website are in accordance with the policy of Center  which accepts no responsibility for the content of any linked web pages referenced from its server.  The links may include textual links, small images, icons or thumbnails intended to illustrate the link, but not to advertise products or services.

4. Changes and termination

Center reserves the right to make any changes or discontinue all or any part of this website and connected social networks and this Terms of use at any time.  The changes become effective the moment they are published on this site or when users are informed about them. The terms of use remain in effect until terminated by you or Center. You may terminate this agreement at any time, by ceasing to use this website and deleting all the materials and content downloaded from it.

Updated on 14 May 2018


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