Today many children are described as hyperactive and it seems that this diagnosis bacame very popular and often used. If your child has a lot of energy, seems to be constantly in motion, talks a lot and it is curious, it doesn’t necessarily meen he/she has god ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

When we are talking about a hyperactive child, it is important to know that it is not only a developmental phase which the child is going to outgrow, it is not caused by poor parenting skills, nor is it a troublesome child. It is a biologically caused disturbance.

Children who are restless, have difficulties in concentrating and/or show more impulsive reactions, can have difficulties in their everyday life, in integrating into their peer group and establishing good relationships with adults, as well as in coping in situations where it is necessary to follow rules (kindergarten, school, extra-curricular activities).

ADHD is characterized by three major symptoms:

• Hyperactivity: the child seems to be constantly in motion, squirming, fidgeting, running, and climbing more than other children. He or she talks excessively and at inappropriate times.

• Inattention: the child has difficulty sustaining attention, listening, and attending to details. He or she is easily distracted, often loses things, and presents as forgetful and disorganized.

• Impulsivity: the child may shout out answers without being called on, may have poor frustration tolerance and may have trouble waiting, taking turns, or sharing.

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