PROJECT “AT YOUR HOME”: Bernays students recommend links to free online courses, documentaries, exercise and walks in museums and national parks…

As part of the “At Your Home” project launched by the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center and the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management to help both children and adults develop quality time in their home during coronavirus isolation, Bernays students daily on Instagram and Facebook put links to interesting free content that takes us to different parts of the world. Here are the highlights:

Free chess school and online games: Learn chess from beginner to master moves. In addition, it can be played against computers, but also people around the world online. Link:

3 months free online foreign courses: During an epidemiological situation, Rosettastone offers free 3 months of excellent foreign language courses. The approach to learning is excellent and serious and focused on structured building of knowledge of the new language! More at:

Nice news from the world: brings infographics about positive trends in the world:

You can also subscribe to a free newsletter that once a week provides new and most interesting information about the good trends in the world that strengthen our sense of security that the world is a good place for us.


Online dance “courses” with video tutorials:




The digital edition of the April issue of Matica magazine: Hundreds of photographs and a handful of various text articles related to Croatian emigrants and our minority communities in the current moment of the coronavirus pandemic and earthquake in Zagreb brings a new issue of Matica magazine on seventy pages. Download the digital edition of the Matica magazine at


Mobile games you can play with friends:

AnimalCrossing: (available on: Android, iOS)

UNO: (available on Android, iOS)

RISK: Global Domination:… (available on Android, iOS)


Free virtual tour of world museums. Link:


20 free online courses from the University Computer Center SRCE in the field of information and communication technologies. After completing the course, you can download a certificate of completion of the course and save it to your own computer or print it out and you will be given a digital badge. Link:

30 days free use of Scribd platform that can help you write your thesis or read books: Link:

Documentaries from the Banff Mountain Film Festival are free to watch on Vimeo. This link lists all the films and links to them:

Free Coursera Course “The Science of Well-Being” Link:

Every day, a new set of free fitness exercises for the Cerina Sports Center in Split Link:


And in the next few days, through the Instagram and Facebook profile of “At Your Home,” Bernays communication and tourism students, with the support of psychologists, will propose useful free online content for all ages and ages. Follow their new ideas at the links:


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy.   

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