“Cards For Rainy Days (And Social Distancing)”: Romanian Edition

As a result of international cooperation with the volunteers of the Child Protection Hub for Southeast Europe, we published the Romanian edition of “Cards For Rainy Days (And Social Distancing)”, translated by Sorina Zainea, Mihaela Musan and Veronica Pelivan. During the following days we will also publish the Macedonian, Greek and Hungarian editions. Congratulations to our Psychologist Tea Brezinšćak on the international success of her “ Cards For Rainy Days” with 55 ideas for family activities that connect and build psychological resilience, which are posted on numerous websites of schools, kindergartens and organizations. Only from our website they have been downloaded 21129 times until today. Also, we thank the graphic designer Niko Crnčević from Berlin, who designed the Croatian, English and Romanian editions pro bono.

Romanian edition of the “Cards for Rainy Days” entitled “Cartonașe pentru zile ploioase (și zile de distanțare socială) – 55 de idei pentru activități de familie, care întăresc legăturile între membri și cresc rezistența psihică“ [Cards for rainy days (and days of social distancing) – 55 ideas for family activities, which strengthen ties between members and increase mental resilience] in PDF you can download them here or print them as photos in the post below:

“Cartonașe pentru zile ploioase (și zile de distanțare socială) ” (Romanian, PDF)

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