HRT (Croatian National Television): “What does our daily life look like now?”

“What does our everyday life look like now” is the title of the HRT News 2 issue of March 26, 2020, in which were spoke Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD , Director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center:

Fighting the virus, in addition to protecting our lives, has brought us a number of other, unexpected challenges. We are forced to stay in homes and in a completely different way from ours before – to organize our daily lives.

The coronavirus epidemic has forced citizens to stay indoors and spend most of their days with family within four walls.

– At home we mostly play some board games, we play barbecues and such. Eventually, we walk outside the dog, but it’s really 10 minutes around the building and that’s it, said Zita Zunec via Skype.

In a new crisis it is important to explain to the children that there is a virus, but also to develop a routine for their sense of security.

– That is why it is important that they have an exact schedule for the day when something will be done. To rise when they were before, to go to sleep when they had before, to play when they were playing with their parents before, because this gives the children a sense of security, control and predictability, says the director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, professor Gordana Buljan Flander.


The crisis needs to be discussed with adolescents.

– They are harder to keep at home. They have a sense of invulnerability, they have a feeling that nothing can happen to them, but they have a very strong sense of solidarity. Older children need to talk about solidarity and what staying home means to other people in their area.

After coming from outside, it is not necessary to disinfect clothing and footwear, according to the Public Health Institute. However, pets should be thoroughly cleaned.

– Regardless of this situation, it is necessary to leave shoes immediately at the entrance. As for the clothes and shoes themselves, we have no knowledge that there was any infection through it. And of course immediately afterwards to wash your hands, says Head of Department for the collection and analysis of gerontological indicators “Dr. Andrija Štampar” Tanja Ćorić, MD

Groceries purchased at the store do not need to be disinfected, but only washed regularly.

– Before refilling the shelves, complete disinfection of the space. So the traders themselves have already implemented some measures. Also, we do not have any knowledge so far that it was through the groceries, that is, during that manipulation of the groceries, that the infection occurred, adds Coric.

For those who eat in public kitchens, it is difficult to get a meal in recent days because of the decision to abolish public transportation.

– A neighbor, a lady I know called me desperate and said: Please come help me at least these 2-3 days when it is so cold to get a hot meal, so I drove that daughter to the public kitchen and then back, says volunteer Davor Hećimović .

Most users, however, are not so lucky, but have to come on foot for a meal.

– They are used to this city tram, because you have to understand that we are talking here about a special group of people who are most often homeless, who do not have the basic conditions for life, says Fr. Vladimir Vidović , the head of the national kitchen of the parish of Sv. Anthony of Padua. ”


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center can not be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy.   

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