Children’s Workbook: MY COVID – 19 TIME Capsules

Dear parents,

The 2020 pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has become one of the greatest challenges for the entire world. We are in a situation we could never have imagined or adequately prepared for. We are exposed to danger, threats, uncertainty, uncertainty, loss of control. Living conditions have changed. Our feelings, thoughts and behavior are not the same as before. Everyone is in a psychological crisis, both adults and children.

The word crisis comes from the Greek word krisis (κρίσις), which means thinking, judgment, decision, or turning point related to the need to make a decision. So, we currently have a choice, to experience this situation as a disaster or as a challenge. If we see it as a catastrophe, there may be a “system breakdown” at the level of society and the individual with long-term consequences. If we take it as a challenge, we can learn a lot – how to deal with stress healthfully and come out even stronger and ready for new challenges.

Children now need safe, warm, caring and supportive parents, or other adults, who will be with them, but also teach them to cope and cope with stress in a healthy and beneficial way. In front of you is a short workbook containing materials that can be of use to your children in these moments by encouraging healthy, active stress management. The materials are designed to help children organize thoughts and feelings, and to develop a sense of control over their own safety, feelings and learning in the face of a major crisis. Memory, curiosity, learning and planning are needed for children to help them be stronger today to build a better tomorrow.

Parents, along with their children, especially the younger ones, can go through some of the content or just watch with interest what the older kids have filled. So you can help them connect with you in these moments when it really matters to them. You can help them transform a stressful, and possibly traumatic, situation into a constructive learning and coping experience, contributing to the development of knowledge and emotional resilience in the midst of a crisis. Have fun together for mutual benefit. Only the stronger, you and your children, can come out of this experience.


You can download the My COVID – 19 Time Capsule Worksheet in PDF link here:

COVID-19 time capsule workbook


Instructions for children

By writing down or drawing on what you remember, what you think, and your feelings, you can witness this historic event called the “Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)”. You will make your own personal account of what happened. Even though there may be some unpleasant things happening around you, certainly not everything around you is negative at the moment. This workbook contains various interesting content that can help you identify the good and less good present situations as you see it and experience it in yourself and your family and encourage you to do useful things for yourself and others. It can help you and your family emerge from this story called the “coronavirus pandemic” stronger and more prepared for the new challenges that await you at school, sports, your favorite activities and hanging out with your friends when life is again used to what we are used to.


You can use this workbook alone or with the help of a parent or other adult currently with you.

These are some recommendations

– You can fill in the slips when you decide for yourself or make arrangements with your parent

– Scroll through the workbook and start wherever you want.

– Fill in the parts you want and when you want

– You don’t have to rush every day for something, but if you’re in the mood or inspired the other day, you can fill in more pages

– If you don’t understand some questions or need help finding or typing in the answers, feel free to ask your parent or adult who is with you

– If you need more space for writing, drawing or pictures you can add sheets of paper and paste them or fasten them with a staple

– If something bothers you while filling out the contents of a workbook, you can freely interrupt and return for a second time, or seek immediate help from an adult if you need it


Remember that it is very important to write and draw on unpleasant, but also beautiful memories and good present or future events. From that we learn and grow, we become stronger.

You may also be able to help others by sharing what you have learned with your family or friends. We wish you lots of fun and a good time.

You can download the My Covid – 19 Time Capsule Worksheet in PDF link here or scroll to the end of the text and print:

COVID-19 time capsule workbook


By: Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, PhD – MD, Specialist Psychiatrist, Subspecialist of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


NOTE: The “My COVID-19 Time Capsule” worksheet was created by Natalie Long / Long Creations with the permission of further transmission and sharing. It was adjusted and translated into Croatian by Anesa Vilić, a friend of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center from Sarajevo


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy. 

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