• 2003. – 2009. Department of Psychology, Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb,

Graduation paper: Correlation between The Big Five personality dimensions and risky sexual behavior in students

Academic degree: Psychologist, M. A.


  • 2010. – Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy – Croatian Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Zagreb
  • 2010. Use of MMPI-2 psychological instrument (Naklada Slap), Zagreb
  • 2010. Use of associative cards in counselling and psychotherapy (Trainers: I. Bezić and T. Radionov), Zagreb
  • 2010. Psychological crisis intervention (Trainers: Jasenka Pregrad and Bruna Profaca)
  • 2010. Cognitive-behavioural treatment of school failure pupils (Trainer: Nada Anić)
  • 2010. Cognitive-behavioural tretment of pupils with ADD/ADHD (Trainers: Nada Anić i Elvira Nimac)
  • 2009. Treatment of abused children (Trainer: Barbara L. Bonner), Zagreb
  • 2010. Loss, mourning and support (Trainer: L. Arambašić), Zagreb
  • 2007. Training in the field of child abuse and neglect and therapeutical approach for abused and neglected children, Brave phone helpline and Center for Child Protection of Zagreb


  • 2009. – Psychologist, Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb
  • 2007.-2010. Volunteer at Brave Phone – Helpline for abused and neglected children, Zagreb


  • Buljan Flander, G. and Jelić, S. (2010). Adolescents committing sexual violence -typologies, etiological and other factors (chapter) In: Mužinić, L. and Vukota, Lj. (eds). Treatment of sexual delinquents and community protection. Zagreb: Medicinska naklada.


Croatian Psychological Association

Croatian Psychological Chamber

Croatian Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

European Federation of Psychologists Associations

Brave Phone – helpline for abused and neglected children (NGO)

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