Mia Roje Đapić


– Psychologist at the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb (2015-)

– Mentor of the Brave Phone volunteers (2015-)

– Coordinator of the empowerment program for children in children’s home, A. G. Matoš home for children (2014-2017)

– Counselor (volunteer) at the Brave Phone help-line for children (2012-2017)

– Leader of numerous workshops for children, educations and seminars for experts on the subject of child abuse and parental divorce


Graduate psychologist, the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Zagreb, 2014-2015

Academic degree: Psychologist, M.A.

Undergraduate psychologist, the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Zagreb,, 2011-2014


– Training in working with parental alienation – understanding, differentiation, intervention – Karen i Nick Woodall. Family Separation Clinic, Zagreb, 2016 and 2017

– Education „Psychotherapy of obsessive and excessive worry“, Ljubljana,leader dr. Richard G. Erskine, 2016

– Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training, Zagreb 2015 /Linda Cordisco Steele – National Children’s Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL (USA)

– Training in psychotherapy – integrative psychotherapy in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy, Sherwood Training Institute for Psychotherapy and the University of Derby, fourth year of training, 2014.-

– Master training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, certified NPL master, 2014-2015

– Practicioner training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, certified NPL practicioner, 2013-2014

– Training in group work with children, Brave Phone, 2013.

– Training in the field of telephone counseling and approaching the abused child, Brave Phone, 2012.

– Training in the application of psychodiagnostic instruments


– Brave Phone

– Croation Chamber of Psychology (HPK)

– Croatian Psychological Association (HPD)

– European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners (EAPAP)



– Member of the education team for students-volunteers (Brave Phone)

– Member of the expert group „Systematic Support to Famillies with Children: Assessing and Reducing Children’s Health Risks“, in collaboration with the Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, Croatian Social Worker’s Association and UNICEF

– Coordinator of the research project „Screen Time and preschool children“, 2016 and 2017

– regular active participation in national and international conferences


– Roje M., Buljan Flander G., Boričević Maršanić V., Larsen Matić I. (2019). A child of a terminally ill parent – adjustment and grief. PSYCHOTHERAPY IN ACHIEVING HEALTH AND WELL-BEING FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE.

– Roje, M., Rezo, I., & Buljan Flander, G. (2016). Quality of Life and Psychosocial Needs of Children Suffering from Chronic Skin Diseases. Alcoholism and Psychiatry Research, 52(2), 133-134.

– Kamenov, Ž., Jelić, M., Huić, A., Ćosić, A., Fogec, M., Glavaš, I., … & Jurković, E. (2016). Sexual minorities in Croatia-problems and challenges.

– Roje, M. & Buljan Flander, G. (2017). New technologies, new forms of violence, Proceedings of the 21st October Meeting in Social Protection, Niš


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