Janko Večerina graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb in 2020 after which he spent 3 years mostly working as a physician in emergency medicine, but also in other fields of primary health care as well as at the Faculty of Medicine as an assistant.

In the field of mental health, he received education in Granada in 2018/2019. during professional training at the Mental health department of the University Hospital, and in 2023 in Barcelona at the Institute for Global Health in the field of public health interventions aiming to improve mental health in urban areas.

He is currently in the process of education in gestalt psychotherapy.

He also works in the field of urban health through advocacy of healthy urban planning and

active ways of transport through the “Sindikat Biciklista” association, where he has been volunteering since 2018, as well as through the Croatian Healthy Cities Network, where he is a member of the support center.

In addition to working with patients, the influence of the environment on prevention and improvement of mental health and the adaptation of the city environment for children and youth are of great interest and motivation.

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