2016 Appointed Assistant Professor for the scientific field of Biomedicine and Health, the area of Clinical Medical Sciences, the Branch of Paediatrics

2016 Acquired the status of a Chief physician

2010 Defended doctoral thesis: “The Influence of Heterozygous Genome on the Secular Height, Intelligence and Menarche”. Medical Faculty of the University of Osijek

2013 International certificate, Medical Education and organisation, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Austrian Foundation, International scholarship

2009 →2013 Completed subspecialisation in child neurology, Clinical hospital “Sestre milosrdnice”

2010 Acquired International certificate, Neurometabolic diseases, Child Hospital of Philadelphia

American Austrian Foundation, International scholarship

2007 – 2007 Training in Pediatric neurology, Child Hospital of Philadelphia, International scholarship

2002 – 2004 Completed Post-graduate education at the Medical Faculty of the University of Osijek, Biomedicine and Health Care

2000 – 2002 Completed specialist post-graduate education in Paediatrics, Clinical Hospital Zagreb



2015 Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training, Zagreb – Linda Cordisco Steele – National Children’s Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL (SAD)

2013 Certificate educator in Medical education and organisation, American Academy of Pediatrics

2012 Course in neurometabolic diseases

2011 Neuromuscular diseases, course, Croatian Society for Clinical Genetics

2009 Course Hereditary metabolic diseases, theme: Central Nervous System Diseases

2008 Course Advanced Paediatric Life Support

2008 Advanced Course in Neuro-Sonological Diagnostics News

2006 Course Collor Dopler intracranial and extracranial circulation

2005 Tečaj ˝ Brain Academy ˝ – Nova dostignuća u liječenju epilepsije

2004 Course ˝ From clumsiness to cerebral Palsy˝

2003 Course Ultrasonography in Early Detection of the Changes of Brain Structures (in newborns and infants)

2002 Course in acupuncture


Experience and employment

2021→ Director, the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb

2015→ Chair holder for the course “Neuroscience in social work”, Law School of the University of Zagreb

2014→ Paediatrician, the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb

2014→ Research assistant at the Medical Faculty of Split, Department of Paediatrics

2014→ Member of the task force to design accreditation standards for neonatology at the Croatian Medical Chamber.

2012→ Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation in Zagreb. Course: Neurological approach to developmental rehabilitation

2009→ Subspecialisation / subspecialist in child neurology

2009→ Neuropaediatrician at the Institute for neonatology, head of the neurology outpatient services

2008→ Following up children at neurodevelopmental risk and children of mothers suffering from addiction

2008 → Specialist paediatrician, Clinical Hospital “Sestre Milosrdnice”, Paediatric Department/ Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

2008 – 2010 Lecturer, Course: Paediatrics with the Basics of Genetics, Midwifery School, Zagreb

2002 – 2008 Paediatrician, Paediatric Department of Clinical Hospital Osijek

1998 – 2002 Paediatric Department of Clinical Hospital Osijek

2003 → Research assistant at the Paediatric Department of Clinical Hospital Osijek, the University of Osijek

2001 → Research assistant in the scientific project No 0219111: Prevention and Treatment of Developmental Disorders in Children, Project Leader Prof. Sc.D. Milivoj Boranić, Croatian Ministry of Health.

2003→ Research assistant in the international project investigating diseases in island populations, Project Leader Prof. Sc.D. Igor Rudan

2012 → Educator of NICEF, Education of employees, Promotion of Breast-Feeding

Publications – Chapters in books

Rudan I; Rudan D; Saftic V; Music Milanovic S; Stevanovic R; Vuletic G et al. Health Status, Specific Diseases and Life Expectancy of the Population Living on Croatian Islands//Populations of Croatian Islands 2001./Smoljanovic, Mladen; Smoljanovic, Ankica; Rudan, Igor (ed.)

Split:Laser plus ltd. Zagreb 2008. pp. 69-83


Professional affiliations

Croatian Paediatric Society

Croatian Society for Childhood Neurology

Academy for Developmental Rehabilitation

Croatian League against Epilepsy

Croatian Society for Acupuncture

Croatian Society for Rare Metabolic Diseases

International League against Epilepsy (ILAE)

Child Disability Organisation

Croatian Society for Clinical Genetics

Croatian Society for Human Genetics

Child Neurology association

European pediatric neurology society

World Federation of Neurology

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