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Depression in children and adolescents

Challenge of parenting Stresfull events Topics The truth is that depression does not affect only adults, but children and adolescents, too. Depression is a disease as are diabetes, or high blood pressure. It is believed to be the disease of the future. World Health Organisation estimates that it will soon become the second public health issue in the world.

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Emotional support to the families of children with developmental disabilities

Stresfull events Topics The moment parents are informed that their child has been born with or has acquired some developmental disability is remembered, because it is something which completely changes family life in the long run. Every parent experiences a process of mourning and abandoning fantasies about the child held before, all in a very short period of time. Then there is the phase of recovery and adjustment to new circumstances of family life. Various studies showed that timely counselling and informing about the nature of their child's disability, as well as about the possibilities of recovery and education, significantly reduce parental stress and their concerns and help them in the process of adjustment to raising their child.

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The Impact of Toxic Stress on Child’s Brain

Stresfull events Toxic stress in childhood is a theme of significant and increasing interest. There are numerous reasons for that, accumulated through the years of research, which provide conclusive evidence that stress/trauma causes many short and long term effects in children, thus imposing a risk for a series of diseases in their adult life. For example, it significantly increases the incidence of myocardial infarction and lung cancer, as well as immunological and malignant diseases in adulthood, in comparison with the population not exposed to stress in childhood. We are not writing here about the stress related to everyday activities and challenges of growing up, but about the stress related to family violence, to witnessing physical violence, exposure to corporal punishment, neglect, sexual abuse, peer bullying and similar.

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How can we assist child coping with disease of family member

Stresfull events How we can tell the child that his/her mother, father, brother or sister are sick so that the does not experience that as a huge stress depends on the age of the child. We should be guided by the need to communicate true information in a way which the child can understand. It is of utmost importance that the child feels protected by the caring approach of a close person. Therefore, the person who talks to the child should be the one who can cope with his/her anxiety in a balanced manner and show an honest and caring stance. The child needs to be informed about the treatment and what consequently may change in everyday activities of the family.

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Supporting the child whose parent is imprisoned: when is professional help needed?

Stresfull events The child whose parent is in prison is traumatised by separation, confused with parent's behaviour and stigmatised due to feeling ashamed for the parent's illegal activity.

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How to help your child cope with being hospitalised

Stresfull events Numerous studies indicate that the presence of parents, preparation of the child to stay in hospital and the child-friendly, age appropriate hospital environment and procedures conducted by the health care staff are important for the child's good adjustment to hospitalisation and the prevention of emotional difficulties as a reaction to hospitalisation.

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Supporting the child in the situations of moving house or changing schools

Adults forget that maintaining contact with friends and people they have left behind is easier for them than for their children

Stresfull events Moving house to another part of the city or to another city is part of the life experience of many families and children. The child, as well as the whole family, experiences big changes, e.g. changing kindergarten or school, loss of familiar neighbourhood and environment, friends and peers s/he has played with, favourite place to play, etc. In time, children and youth, typically, adapt well to the environment they moved to.

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Chronically sick child

Stresfull events Data from literature show that the prevalence of chronic diseases in children is 10-15% in the world and, equally so, in Croatia. Most often it is insulin dependent diabetes, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, locomotor system diseases, cardiac diseases, chronic colon inflammations and leukaemia.

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Stress in childhood

While caring about all children, it is especially important to take care of those who have experienced more stressful events during their development or who have even had traumatic experience.

Stresfull events Both in adults and in children stress is recognised as emotional reactions (sadness, anxiety, panic, mood changes, anger…), cognitive reactions (self-criticism, impaired concentration, forgetfulness, intrusive thoughts…), physical reactions (palm sweating, heart beating, flushed face, abdominal pain, headache…) and behavioural reactions (crying, stamping, aggression, uncontrollable fits of rage, withdrawal…)

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How to explain to a child that parent lost a job

The child should, on a daily basis, regardless of the crisis, learn understanding the concepts of saving, helping those who do not have enough and the spending control.

Stresfull events Explaining that you have been dismissed from work or that your salary has been reduced to your child, is a question bothering the majority of those who have been made redundant or whose income has been reduced.

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The mourning child

In the mourning situation all child's reactions are acceptable.

Stresfull events In the situations when the child encounters the death of a close person, it is important to take care of child's age and the way the child conceives death. In order to help a young child, it is important to know which conception of death the young child has.

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