School in the prevention of bullying

How can school help in stopping and preventing violence and intimidation?

School School is responsible for violence happening at and in the vicinity of school premises! School principal, teachers and professionals are obliged to prevent and stop every form of violence at school and, if necessary, to cooperate with the police and social services.

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How to prepare your child for school

It is important for child to adjust, be disciplined and persistent, ready to cooperate and show respect for others.

School Starting school is a big change in any child's life and in family's life. It is widely known that family is the most important factor in the development of emotional and social competences of a child. A child who gets necessary attention and who feels accepted in the family will more easily adjust to new and unfamiliar situations and cope.

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Helping the child do homework and learn

School Frequent cause of disagreements between parents and children is doing homework. Every parent has at least once been in the dilemma whether to help the child do homework and asked himself/herself why the child has so much or so little homework to do. The child who needs help in doing homework should be provided with it. This does not mean that the parent should do the homework instead, because the child will assume that s/he is incapable of doing it and will have difficulties in accepting that homework is his/her task which has to be regularly and well done.

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