Parental divorce

Joint custody – questions and dilemmas

Parental divorce Questions about joint child care after parental separation and divorce have been engaging the interest of professionals of various profiles: social workers, family physicians, psychologists, psychiatrist, jurists and attorneys and institutions and bodies involved in custody decisions. All involved in the process of making custody decisions understand the level of responsibility when safety and stability of child development and future are at stake.

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What is the best interest of the child in parental divorce

Parental divorce Convention on the rights of the child emphasises that children are born with fundamental rights and freedoms belonging to all human beings. Children's physical and psychological immaturity, i.e. their developmental characteristics impose a need for special attention to their special rights to protection both in their everyday life and especially in some crisis situations the child and the family encounter, like e.g., parental divorce, domestic violence, child victim or witness of some form of abuse or neglect, or some other traumatic event.

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Divorcing couples continue parenting

Parental divorce There are rare days when, talking with divorcing or divorced parents, we do not see their confusion, resentment, anger and perplexity in their role and the relationship with the other parent, regardless of which parent the child lives with.

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When the relationship between partners interferes with the relationship between parents

Parental divorce A divorce is usually preceeded by unsatisfactory partners’ relationship. It is not unusual that ex partners continue with their poor communication and have difficulties in separating their partner’s from their parental role. Feeling that their ex partner is an inadequate partner for them, they have difficulties in accepting that s/he may be an adequate parent. [...]

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How to tell children that parents are in divorce

Parental divorce Divorce is stresfull for everybody in the family, especially for children. When parents decide to tell children that they are going to divorce, it is important to tell them the truth in an age-appropriate way. Both parents should be present, calm and self-confident, so that children know that in crisis they can rely on their [...]

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Children and parental conflict

Parental divorce Parental divorce is one of the most intense stressful situations for the child. In the majority of cases, aften the initial agitation, fear, anger, guilt and hope, the child eventually gets adjusted to the new situation and new life, especially if s/he also has a good relationship with the non-custodial parent and if the divorce [...]

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