Family time

Should children feel bored?

Family time Today, surrounded by constant stimulation, the thought that the child is bored leads parents to increasing time structuring for their child.

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Children and pets

Most experts advise against taking a pet before the child is in his/her sixth year of age.

Family time Topics The majority of children want a pet and such a need should not be neglected. Habits and obligations of the family and the family conditions, as well as the natural needs of the chosen pet should be considered in the process of making a decision to take a pet.

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Time for family and children

Family time Parents who have school children may find it useful to agree family meetings where the whole family gathers and talks about issues which have to be dealt with. It is fundamental that everybody understands that one member's problem is not his/her personal problem, but a family problem which is the reason why all family members should participate in dealing with it. You do not have to be an omnipresent parent. Support should be provided when necessary and it is important that the child knows s/he can count on you.

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Spending holidays with your children

From children’s perspective, quality time includes direct and undivided attention of their parents.

Family time School holidays offer opportunities for more family time and for the parents to improve positive communication and relationship with their children. Many parents, thinking about planning activities and fun for their children, may feel the approach of holidays is stressful. Some international studies show that about two thirds of children see quality time different from their parents.

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