Child with ADHD


Child with ADHD When we are talking about a hyperactive child, it is important to know that it is not only a developmental phase which the child is going to outgrow, it is not caused by poor parenting skills, nor is it a troublesome child. It is a biologically caused disturbance.

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How to help a child with ADHD

Child with ADHD It is of utmost importance that adults (parents, teachers, coaches) who are in contact with the child who suffers from these disorders, cooperate and understand the child, provide help and support in order to facilitate his/her functioning. Such a child needs routine, structure and predictability. When addressing a hyperactive child, it is important that while [...]

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Difficulties in relationships

Child with ADHD Impulsivity and hyperactivity can push other children and adults away so the child may feel isolated, ignored and different, which may affect his/her self-confidence. Since a hyperactive child often doubts his/her competences, it is adults’ task to be positive, to observe and reward appropriate behaviour and adjust their expectations to child’s competences, avoiding criticism and [...]

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Child with ADHD in school

Child with ADHD The hyperactive child can have difficulties in paying attention in the class and in acquiring the teaching material. S/he needs learning in the environment which supports individual differences with a flexible, structured approach – e.g. the child should not be put under time pressure, testing time should be adjusted to his/her abilities, exams should more [...]

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