When parents are divorcing

What can change after parents have divorced

They may be sad, confused, edgy.. but they are still your parents, they still love you very much.

When parents are divorcing You will most probably live with one of your parents. It may happen that you stay in the same home and one of your parents moves out. It may happen that you and one of your parents move to another flat or a house. The parent with whom one does not live most often has regular contacts with the child. They spend certain days of the week, weekends and holidays together.

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When to seek help

When parents are divorcing If strong feelings related to divorce last too long or if you see that you have been reacting in a way which interfere with you everyday routines – ask for help. If you see that you are having trouble with anger control, that you are feeling extremely tense, worried, sad, uninterested, if you have thoughts about hurting yourself – ask for help.

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What to do if parents bad-mouth each other

It is important that you yourself know that you have the right to be protected from parents' arguing.

When parents are divorcing Most parents normally, without bickering and arguing, communicate and cooperate in raising their children. However, some children witness bad-mothing and foul behaviour of one parent towards another and/or vice versa. The worst possible 'scenario' is when one parent tries to turn the child against another parent.

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Having two homes

When parents are divorcing Living with one parent in one home and visiting another parent in another home can be confusing at the beginning. However, it can also be new and exciting experience. The first thing to do is to get organised.

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Parents’ divorce and my feelings

When parents are in divorce, it is normal that you have various more or less strong feelings.

When parents are divorcing Both parents and children can have various feelings during a divorce. Children often have vague feelings that they do not know how to formulate, some have mood swings so that they may feel happy one moment and then very sad or angry the next moment. Some may have mixed feelings loving their parents and being angry at them or sad about the divorce. Sometimes it may be difficult for them to recognise their feelings, express them and/or share them with other people.

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