Attitude to one’s own physical appearance

Although we are basically social creatures, experience of being rejected or excluded by the social environment may lead to withdrawal or avoidance of future social interactions aiming at protecting from or preventing possible negative experience.

Puberty In today's culture of life, physical appearance is one of the most important attraction determinants among people. It plays an important role in creating the image and impacts on the quality of social interactions and development of relationships. Therefore people are very concerned about their appearance in the initial social encounter. They also have expectations about whether they are going to be accepted or rejected, based on their appearance.

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You are 12, 13, 14… ?

Puberty You can notice puberty, i.e. anatomical and physiological changes daily by looking in the mirror or listening to your friends' commentaries. Adolescence is more complicated. We will try to describe it in a few sentences.

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How to resist peer pressure

Puberty Come on! We'll all skip Maths! Who wants to write that test? We'd rather walk and eat something. Let's go! - says your classmate. Sounds familiar? Will you do the right thing and do Maths test? Or, will you accept your peers' suggestion and skip the class?

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