Free time

Organising and planning your time

Free time Have problems with organising and planning your time? Forgetting? All too busy all the time? Here are some ideas which may help:

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How to manage your pocket-money

Although you may feel tempted to spend all the money at once, think about when you will get it again.

Free time Parents believe that you are mature enough to manage your pocket-money and independently decide whether to save or spend and what to spend it for. Try not to betray their confidence by spending your money for something that is harmful for you or something that they would never buy you.

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What is important to know about the Internet and the chat room

Tips to protect yourself from unpleasant experience in the chat room

Free time What is especially attractive to the youth is that the Internet enables anonymity, which is impossible to achieve by any other means of communication. This anonymity liberates and induces people into communicating more intimately than they would do it in personal contacts, which means that anybody can figure as whoever and be what they want to be.

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