Depression in children and adolescents

Challenge of parenting Stresfull events Topics The truth is that depression does not affect only adults, but children and adolescents, too. Depression is a disease as are diabetes, or high blood pressure. It is believed to be the disease of the future. World Health Organisation estimates that it will soon become the second public health issue in the world.

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The Role of an Imaginary Friend in Child Development

Child development Topics It is not rare that, while their child is playing, parents hear him/her child talking as if playing with someone. Children often talk with themselves or with their toys. That conversation may be aimed at giving life to characters in the game, and sometimes it may be a conversation between the child and an imaginary friend. Imaginary friends may be invisible or they may be dolls or other toys which are visible.

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We are celebrating the Safer Internet Day: Protecting the safety of children growing up in the online world

Challenge of parenting Topics On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day, which is on 7 February this year, celebrated under the motto "Be the change: Unite for a better Internet", we have prepared a short memorandum about the most important guidelines for parents to protect children in the online world.

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Emotional support to the families of children with developmental disabilities

Stresfull events Topics The moment parents are informed that their child has been born with or has acquired some developmental disability is remembered, because it is something which completely changes family life in the long run. Every parent experiences a process of mourning and abandoning fantasies about the child held before, all in a very short period of time. Then there is the phase of recovery and adjustment to new circumstances of family life. Various studies showed that timely counselling and informing about the nature of their child's disability, as well as about the possibilities of recovery and education, significantly reduce parental stress and their concerns and help them in the process of adjustment to raising their child.

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The Role of Grandparents in Bringing up Their Grandchildren – Parents’ Helpers

Child development Topics Almost on a daily basis, in our clinical practice we meet parents who are helped in bringing up their children by their own parents. We also meet children who share their experience, play and activities with their grandparents. We should bear in mind that most children experience their first relationships and connections in their families with their primary carers or persons who take care of them. Such experience is very important because the child transfers it to his/her future experience in adolescence and adulthood. Thus parents transfer their own parents' experience into their relationship with their children.

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NEUROSCIENCE AND EDUCATION: How can academic accomplishments be improved

Topics Learning, memory and retention are highly sophisticated brain functions. Researchers into educational processes, as well as neuroscientists, have been working separately for a long time, setting hypotheses about learning, which were later used in practice. Modern times set postulates of interdisciplinarity with new emerging opportunities for an interweaving of neuroscience with other professions, aiming at discovering the best ways of teaching children. The benefits of such processes are global. That is how the new discipline, neuroeducation, came to existence.

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GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET: Restoring childhood safety

Challenge of parenting Topics Nowadays generations of children and youth are growing up immersed in the virtual world. Their constant connection to the Internet has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by the Brave Phone and the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb. It shows that 99% of the youth have an access to the Internet, and that as many of them as 84% access the Internet via their mobile phones. High percentage (93) of children have a profile on Facebook, and 68% of them opened a profile before they were 13.

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Why is the Number of Children Diagnosed with Autism on the Increase?

Challenge of parenting Topics Awareness of a need of adequate diagnostic tests increased with increasing knowledge about autism. It has led to an increase of the number of newly diagnosed patients. In Denmark, diagnostic criteria were expanded in 1994.

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Sleep disorders in preschool children

It is of utmost importance that we, as parents, are aware, of the circumstances affecting changes in our child's rhythm of getting to sleep, sleeping and waking up, and that we influence these as best we can

Child development Topics How can we make our child to go to sleep easily and without hesitation, to sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning well rested, is a question many parents ask. There are several answers to that, primarily depending on your child's age and overall psycho-physical status, as well as parents' characteristics and family atmosphere.

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Developing emotional intelligence of your child

Child development Topics We define emotional intelligence as the ability to perceive our and other people's emotions, to clearly identify them, understand and control them. In its practical sense it refers to emotional and social skills. It is focused on the role of emotions in our everyday life, the way they influence our reasoning and behaviour and how we can use them as efficiently as possible. Written by:  Renata Ćorić Špoljar, Psychologist, MA

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Parenting stress

Challenge of parenting Topics Talking about parenting, first thoughts and feelings lead us to one of the most important roles in the lives of men and women. That is exactly why that role and the time of parenthood, apart from positive experience, is a time of conflict, dilemma, insecurity, drop in satisfaction in other areas of life, in other words, it is a tough period in life. In addition, there is stress in other various areas of life: stress at work, stress due to changes in life, stress in everyday situations…

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Children overloaded

Child development Topics Overload is when the child's complete energy is focused on only one area, e.g. obligations, excluding all other developmental tasks and interests, like playing with friends, which are crucial for healthy growth.

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Children and pets

Most experts advise against taking a pet before the child is in his/her sixth year of age.

Family time Topics The majority of children want a pet and such a need should not be neglected. Habits and obligations of the family and the family conditions, as well as the natural needs of the chosen pet should be considered in the process of making a decision to take a pet.

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Adequate choice of leisure activities for your child

It is important to bear in mind that among so many requirements for the best education, participation in sports, mastering various skills, the key requirement of childhood–family life, should not be neglected.

Challenge of parenting Topics Organised leisure activities stimulate child's social development, provide opportunities for practice and new skills acquisition and are most often entertaining for children. Insecure and withdrawn children, as well as children with lower self-esteem are prone to evaluate themselves through success in these activities while children with good academic achievement who have much free time mostly spent in front of their computer or TV, should be motivated to do something creative, stimulating and useful so that they can spend quality leisure time.

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Why it is important to be consistent with your child

Child should be taught about the consequences of certain behaviours so that s/he knows what follows after appropriate or inappropriate behaviour

Topics It is important that parents are consistent with their child because it sends the him/her the message that they mean what they say and that they can be trusted. Upbringing should be adjusted to the developmental stage and the child's individuality. Parents should recognise and understand their child's needs, behaviour and possible reactions.

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