Youth Violence Partnerships: Is It Possible That It Is Love?

Prof. dr sc. Gordana Buljan Flander delivered two lectures on the topic Youth Violence Partnerships: Is It PossibleThat It Is Love? The lectures were intended for teachers and high school students and were organised by the Counselling Centre Lanterna in Makarska on 6 October 2016.

Around one hundred teachers and educators and 130 third grade high school Andrije Kačića Miošića students listened with interest. The event was welcomed by the deputy city mayor Miroslav Družijanić and Sanja Puharić of the Counselling Centre, who emphasised that the aims of such Lanterna events were a better understanding of the needs of the youth, teaching professionals how to better communicate, acquiring additional knowledge for a more successful work with children showing risk behaviours, empowering professionals to do their job in institutions better. Lectures were a part of the Lanterna project “We Can Together and in Different Ways”, a program of preventing abuse among the youth and against the youth, with the project leader Ivona Vučić.

Prof. Buljan Flander talked about research into the incidence of youth violence partnership in Croatia. Two thirds of examined youth stated that they experienced violence from their partners. Abusers are both boys and girls.

During the lecture and the discussion she also talked about how partner violence can be recognised, about the signs of violence, the reasons why young people remain in a violent relationship and how we can talk with the youth about problems bothering them. Forms of professional help which can be obtained, legal provisions, measures and legal consequences of violent behaviours were also introduced.

Studies show that violence becomes more frequent and more intense after the first incident, and the victim loses control over his/her live and becomes dependent on the partner.

Various causes leading to violence were also mentioned, primarily the family and the community in which we live, and the psychological characteristics of the participants in violence.

Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander emphasised the attachment theory which states that new relationships are built on the foundations from early family experience of intimacy.

The Child Protection Centre of Zagreb published a manual titled Is It Possible that It Is Love? You can read it on our web page: