Role of the Centre in the Prevention of Mental Disorders in Children and Youth in Croatia

International conference on the prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases was held in Zagreb, at the Dubrovnik Hotel, from 29 September to 1 October 2016. More than forty presentations, workshops and round tables about chronic non-infectious diseases, potential methods of prevention and the existing prevention programmes were delivered.

The president of the Organisational Committee of the Conference, Prof. Sc.D Veljko Đorđević underlined the importance of this theme and emphasised the fact that today chronic non-infectious diseases were on the steady increase.

The Child Protection Centre of Zagreb was represented by Sc.M Mia Roje, psychologist with the paper titled “Role of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb and the Brave Phone in the Prevention of Mental Disorders in Children and Youth in Croatia” (Buljan Flander, Roje, Lulić).

Work of the Centre was represented with the emphasis on special services provided by our institution – forensically sensitive treatment, work with non-violent parents and forensic interviews of children and youth. Recent studies and meta-analyses indicate that at least two thirds of children with traumatic experience who have not been included in adequate treatment, develop mental disorders more often than general population.

Work of our institution was represented by treatment, but also by prevention methods, aiming at a long-term protection of mental health of children with traumatic and highly stressful experience. Programmes of the primary prevention by the Brave Phone, non-government, non-profit association were also presented, since it closely cooperates with the Centre in education, research projects and several other activities.