On-line interview for TAALK with our Director

Each hour of a 24 hour internet radio show was dedicated to one of the variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and support and basic facts related to this issue.

Diane Cranley, the founder of the non-profit organisation TAALK (Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids), whose main aim is the prevention and protection of children from sexual abuse, organised the 24 hour internet radio show with recognised expert speakers from around the world who have been working with sexually abused children, developing child sexual abuse prevention programs, working with the police and the judiciary raising awareness of the child sexual abuse problem; kao i same žrtve sexualnog zlostavljanja. – what the heck is this? One of the speakers was our Director, Gordana Buljan Flander, Associated Professor, Ph.D.

Teach children how to set their personal boundaries

Each hour of the show was dedicated to one topic, including basic facts related to child sexual abuse, its consequences and impact on adult health, responsibility of the people in the child’s environment, the responsibility of professionals in recognizing and stopping the abuse, teaching children to set their personal boundaries and protect themselves from potential perpetrators, personal experience of sexual abuse, shortcomings of the judiciary in protecting children from sexual abuse, as well as specific child sexual abuse prevention and intervention programs which have proven efficient.

A session was dedicated to the Council of Europe Campaign „One in Five“, whose main aim is stopping and preventing child sexual abuse, with the speakers Regina Jensdottir, Marja Ruotanen and Liri Kopaci-Di Michele, who presented the Campaign and its aims. They also talked about the Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, emphasizing it as a primary instrument for identifying various types of child sexual abuse as criminal activities, including child sexual abuse in the family with the use of force, coercion and threats.

They also indicated that the Convention emphasizes those prevention measures and programs which aim at supporting the victims and encouraging the persons from the child’s environment to report suspected child sexual abuse. They especially stressed the importance of applying child-friendly justice, as an important measure in sexually abused child protection and in the prevention of unnecessary re-traumatisation of the child. Our Director, Gordana Buljan Flander, Associated Professor, Ph.D. talked at the end of this session.

Experience of the Child Protection Center of Zagreb working with the non-abusive parents

Diane Cranley, host of the show asked the Principal about her participation in the Council of Europe Campaign and she answered that at the beginning of this year, she was invited to Rome, where the Campaign was to be presented, to present the Center’s model of work as an example of good practice in working with sexually abused children, emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinary approach and the importance of coordination of professionals from several system – educational, health, judiciary, police, social care etc., in the protection of sexually abused children.

Mrs Cranley also problematised the importance of working with the non-abusive parents and the Direcotr presented the rich experience of the Center which showed that to achieve good and efficient recovery of the sexually abused child, besides an intensive psychotherapeutic treatment, it is essential to work with the non-abusive parent enabling the parent to resolve her/his own difficulties and to be a stable support for the child in the healing process, since the parental support is one of the most important predictors of the child’s recovery.

After that, Mrs Cranley asked about the cooperation of NGOs and the government in the legislation of child protection in Croatia. The Principal emphasized the importance of good cooperation between the government and the non-government sector, as it was the case with the Brave Phone which was the harbinger of the Center after its capacities had proved insufficient for the number of sexually abused children who needed professional help so the Child Protection Center of Zagreb was established.

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