Mental Health Professionals from Belgrade Visit the Child Protection Centre

The Child Protection Centre was visited by our colleagues from the Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade, D. sc. Milica Pejović-Milovančević, MD, assistant professor and specialist in child psychiatry, head of the Child and Youth Department, D. sc. Željka Košutić, MD, specialist in psychiatry, head of the Department for Abused and Neglected Children, D. sc. Nataša Ljubomirović, MD, specialist in psychiatry, D. sc. Jelena Radosavljev-Kirćanski, MD, specialist in medical psychology, Teodora Minčić, MD, specialist in medical psychology, Dušanka Kalanj, social worker, Mina Milosavljević, social worker and Aleksandar Peulić, psychologist.

The aim of this visit was the presentation of our work with traumatised and abused children in the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb.

The work of the Centre was presented by Prof. D. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander, director of the Centre, and multidisciplinary team professionals: Domagoj Štimac, MD, a psychiatrist and subspecialist of child and adolescent psychiatry and Deputy Director, Sc.D. Bruna Profaca, a psychologist and the Head of Diagnostics and Treatment, Tamara Gojković, social worker, Dora Kralj, social educator and D. sc. Vanja Slijepčević Saftić, MD, paediatrician and subspecialist of child neurology.

The main interest of our colleagues from Belgrade was the procedure of diagnosing traumatised children, the integration of multidisciplinary examinations into the findings of the multidisciplinary team and the treatment of children and their families. We exchanged experience in the field of the protection of abused children in our two countries, as well as the possibilities of cooperation of professionals in the health system with the institutions in charge of child protection (social care centres, the police, state attorneys, the judiciary, etc.).

Professionals from Belgrade emphasised the importance of having specialised institutions like the Centre and acquired an insight in the best practices in the Centre which are recognised in Europe.

They were also presented with other activities of the Centre: education, research and publications, team work, supervision and forensic work.

The meeting also included a visitation of our premises and a presentation of the psychodiagnostic tools used in the Centre and in Croatia.

Cooperation of professionals from the two institutions and further possibilities of exchanging experience at international congresses were agreed at this meeting.

Professionals from Belgrade also visited the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital in Zagreb.