Lecture on peer violence in Split

As part of the project “I speak, do, support, advocate, live nonviolence”  Bruna Profaca, PhD held a lecture for parents and experts ” Peer violence – what is happening and what are we doing?” in Split on March 22, 2018.

This project is being implemented by the MoSt association from Split, in partnership with the Playdrama Theater, during the school year 2017/18. with the primary aim of preventing violence among youth. The project carried out a series of activities aimed at strengthening protective factors of children and young people, in particular young people at risk and to strengthen and promote the protective factors of the community. The project is financed by the Ministry of Demography, family, youth and social policy.

Along with education for young community mediators, youth skills workshops for youth at risk, the MoSt association coordinates the development and promotion of video clips designed by children, participants of drama group Theater Playdrama. With the aim of empowering the community and parental competence, it is planned to organize several public lectures and conduct a public campaign through social networks.

A lecture held by Bruna Profaca, PhD is part of these activities. In her lecture, besides exposure on the phenomenon, prevention and forms of bullying, set out the possibilities for support to children who suffer violence and that the act of violence with special emphasis on the responsibility of adults to recognize the needs of children and young people.