Interactive training for community nurses in the health care system focused on vulnerable groups of patients

“Interactive training for community nurses in the health care system focused on vulnerable groups of patients”, organised by the Croatian Nursing Association, was held in the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb, on 19 December 2016. Many community nurses from Zagreb and other parts of Croatia participated in this training.

Presenters Prof. Sc.D. Boris Filipović-Grčić, paediatrician and neonatologist, and Hrvoje Kniewald, paediatrician cardiologist, both of the of Clinical Hospital “Rebro”, shared their knowledge about ethical and communication challenges in the process of treating severely sick children and about methods of sharing information with these children’s parents about the course of treatment.

Dr. Domagoj Štimac, psychiatrist and Sanja Jusufbegović, clinical psychologist of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb talked about the appropriate methods of communication with the parents of children with developmental disorders, risk factors and parenting of these children, as well as about the possibilities of their diagnosing and treatment. They also talked about the role of community nurses working with vulnerable groups, about supporting breast-feeding of children with developmental disorders and about the procedures of early interventions important for healthy growth and development.

This training was an opportunity to share experience among various professionals and to apply theoretical and practical experience in everyday work with patients. We also opened the theme about the need of further interactive cooperation in the health system aimed at the benefit of patients and the prevention of professional burn-out. The training was attended by nurses working at the Centre. The themes were very useful and intended for all those who work with severely sick patients on a daily basis.

The training closed with the “Vidim te” (“I can see you”) book presentation by author Slaven Vujić.