GRADIŠKA: Education – Working with Abused Children

A two-day education for the project partners of the Nest day-care centre was organised by the Association “Most” with the support of the IN Foundation and the Cultural Centre Gradiška, in Gradiška on 19 and 20 September 2016. Director of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb, Prof. Sc.D Gordana Buljan Flander ran a two day education for 15 participants – representatives of primary school teachers, psychologist and educators, the representatives of Social Welfare Centre from Gradiška and Laktaši, the representatives of the Mental Health Protection Centre and the representatives of the General Hospital Gradiška.

The aim of the training was taking an active and clearly defined professional role in the local community on the issue of discovering and working with children suspected to have been sexually abused. Guided by Prof. Buljan Flander, the participants acquired and consolidated their knowledge about the definition of child sexual abuse, identification criteria, the impact of sexual abuse on child welfare, working with sexually abused children in an age appropriate, as well as developmental stage and personal characteristics appropriate method, and cognitive-behavioural therapy of trauma.

In order to get a better insight into multidisciplinary team work, the participants were also invited for a study visit to the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb.