Director speaks in Strasbourg

Seminar Combating child sexual exploitation at local and regional levels was held in Strasbourg on 9 February 2012. Aims of the seminar were to: provide information and knowledge about the issue of sexual abuse of children, define activities for local and regional bodies to perform in the prevention and intervention, and present concrete solutions to help families, professionals and children in order to prevent sexual abuse and avoid secondary victimisation of children-victims.

Gordana Buljan Flander, Assoc. Prof., Ph. D., Director of Child Protection Center of Zagreb, was invited to speak within the part of the seminar dealing with recognising the child’s best interest in the development of mechanisms to stop sexual abuse. Title of her speach was: “Creating a child-friendly environment where the victim feels safe”.

Several other experts included in the Council of Europe Campaign to stop sexual abuse also spoke at the seminar. More about the whole programme and the course of the seminar is available at the Council of Europe web page

The seminar was also attended by  Bruna Profaca,Ph. D.,  team leader of assessment and treatment at the Center.