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Achievements of the Child and Youth Protection Centre in the Past 15 years

Director's note Today we celebrated 15 years of our Centre work. I want to say thank you to all those who contributed to our celebration and supported our work. Special thanks to the children and youth in our Children and Youth Committees and the school children who sent their material and messages to adults, who authentically helped us to clearly present the message of our Centre's endeavours. Their messages about what they need and expect from parents and adults touched all present guests in the Renaissance Hall of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Now I want to briefly present our Centre's work in the past 15 years:

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When does the child need the help of a mental professional?

Director's note We have noticed that parents sometimes hesitate to seek professional help for their child and their family. In our culture, contacting a psychologist or a psychiatrist is sometimes seen in a negative light. Parents may be judged by others that something is wrong with them or with their child, that they are unable to solve the problem themselves, and similar. Such attitudes may cause the parents to feel shame and resistance, they may develop anger towards their child who 'causes problems' and parents may start taking their child's psychological difficulties personally.

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SCREEN TIME: First national study about pre-school children in front of screens

Director's note At the time of our grandparents, it was only a TV set, and only for those who could afford it. Today, there are so many screens around us that professionals cannot count them. That is the reason why the expression Screen Time has been introduced. It is the total time someone spends in front of a screen, be it a TV set, laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet, video game console, or something else. Besides the time we spend in front of screens, we are surrounded by them all the time, whether we want it or not. Screens around us overwhelm our everyday lives with screen saturation, which is another important notion in this study area.

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At the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb, we established Parents’ Committee, Children’s Committee and Youth Committee

Director's note In accordance to best practices in the world, last week we established Parents' Committee, Children's Committee and Youth Committee of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb. We want to learn about children's and parents' needs and use that knowledge to advance the work of our Centre.

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Dear Parents, Hug Your Children and Tell Them You Love Them

Director's note Dear parents, hug your children as often as you can. Tell them you love them, trust them and believe in them. Do not think you will spoil them (spoiling is when you do their chores instead of them). On the contrary, abundant hugs and expressions of love help them grow into self-confident, happy, self-aware and responsible persons who will be able to make wise and mature decisions.

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It is our responsibility to admit that child sexual abuse happens in our society

Director's note In the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb, we work with sexually abused children and their families every day. I am proud to say that here they can find a safe place where they get help and support. On the European Day on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, 18 November, we remind parents to read our publications about how to recognise and respond if the child has been sexually abused:

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INCREASE OF NUMBER OF SUICIDES IN CHILDREN AND YOUTH: How to recognise the problem and help

Director's note Suicide is a very difficult issue for most people, including professionals, especially when children and youth are involved. Most people find it almost impossible to accept and understand that a young person would take his/her own life. However, suicide is the second most prevalent cause of death in persons aged 10 to 24. Almost one fifth of deaths at that age is due to suicide.

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International Day of Families: Four pillars of parenting

Director's note Family is the heart of the society both today and before. Each family is unique, but at their fundamental core, all of them are bound by love and sharing. Modern times bring many changes and challenges to family life. Today, there are different types of families – parents living together, divorced parents, parents who have never been married, one of the parents having a new partner, families with same sex partners, widowed families, foster families, adoptive families, and so on.

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OUR STUDY: How much time children in Croatia use the Internet and Facebook and risks

Director's note The Brave Phone and The Child Protection Center of Zagreb conducted research this year about the experience and behaviour of children on the Internet and Facebook social network on the sample of 1489 children in Croatia aged 11 to 18, in rural and urban schools. As expected, this was confirmed: there is an almost absolute coverage of child population by Facebook network. As much as 93% of children have a Facebook profile, while 18% have more than one. Most of the children, 68% of them, created their profile before 13, the age when it is allowed to create a profile on this social network.

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National study about children on the Internet and Facebook

Director's note Professionals of the Child Protection Center of Zagreb and of the Brave Phone are conducting a major national study about the experience and behaviour on the Internet and on the social network Facebook as well as about the relation between the experience and their emotional characteristics, behaviours and relationships with peers.

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We are celebrating 10th anniversary of the Center’s work

Thanks to all parents and children for the trust they have put in us. As a mental health professional with many years of experience, I know how much courage and trust is necessary to talk about difficult issues our Center deals with.

Director's note There are ten years since, to children and their families, we opened the Child Protection Center of Zagreb, specialised for work with traumatised children. The Center was the first in Croatia to offer the multidisciplinary approach in the protection of abused and traumatised children after the model implemented in developed countries.

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Marking the 50th anniversary since dr Kempe defined the battered child syndrome

Publishing Dr Kempe's paper in the prestigious scientific journal on 7 July 1962, has been considered to have been the most significant event in creating the awareness of the existence of child abuse and of the professionals' responsibility to protect children.

Director's note This year is the 50th anniversary since American pediatrician dr. Henry Kempe and his collaborators published the paper about the battered child syndrome on 7 July 1962 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He defined the battered child syndrome as "the clinical condition in young children who have received serious physical abuse generally from a parent or foster parent".

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Our Center in the European Union

We have been invited to present our practice of hearing children-victims during the criminal pre-trial in the child friendly environment. The presentation will take place at the Council of Europe Strasbourg Seminar on 9 February 2012.

Director's note Accession of Croatia to the European Union opens opportunities for a better and more intensive cooperation between the Child Protection Center of Zagreb and the Council of Europe and the European Union member states. We have been invited to present our practice of hearing children-victims during the criminal pre-trial in the child friendly environment. The presentation was held at the Council of Europe Strasbourg Seminar on 9 February 2012.

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Child Protection Center of Zagreb in the campaign World Without Child Sexual Abuse

Director's note International standards in the prevention of child sexual abuse were discussed within the promotion of the Council of Europe campaign 'One in Five' at the high-level round table in the United Nations. The round table was held within the 55 Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York on 28 February 2011.

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Victims of Bullying Are in Need of Adults’ Help

Director's note We have been coping with peer bullying for years, and yet, we seem to be utterly surprised when public attention is caught with a case of bullying, which is usual everyday life for many children. According to research conducted in Croatia, every fourth child is exposed to some form of peer bullying. Despite laws and protocols, we often react only when severe psychological or physical abuse has already taken place.

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