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Doc. dr. sc. Bruna Profaca Lecture on peer violence in Split

News As part of the project "I speak, do, support, advocate, live nonviolence"  Bruna Profaca, PhD held a lecture for parents and experts " Peer violence - what is happening and what are we doing?" in Split on March 22, 2018.

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Predavanje doc. dr. sc. Brune Profaca Support for children and young people after the loss and the grief

News Croatian Association of Social Workers of Split-Dalmatia County organized a four-day seminar "Losses and support in the grieving process" in Split is in the Center for Social Welfare Split during  February and March.

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upuz foto Health Employers Association of Croatia on 15 years of our Centre celebration

News Health Employers Association of Croatia, whose member is our Center, brought a detailed report on 15 years of our work celebration on its web site. Here is this article in its entirety: "At the very beginning of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb was the first and only institution in Croatia which focused on children with traumatic experiences and their families. According to good practice examples in Europe and the world, the aim was to provide them with multidisciplinary treatment and support.

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Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander Forum on virtual violence among children and youth

News The IKA Catholic Press Agency provides a comprehensive report on the "Common Vision" Forum about virtual violence among children and youth held on March 21st, 2018 at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute in Zagreb. Among the speakers was the Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD:

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Profesori Vincent Schiraldi i Lael Elizabeth Hiam Chester sa prof. dr. sc. Gordanom Buljan Flander i Ellom Selak Bagarić A visit from children’s rights experts from the Columbia University

News Experts for the children's rights from the University of Columbia in New York have visited the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb on March 22nd 2018. Professors Vincent Schiraldia and Lael Elizabeth Hiam Chester was introduced about work of the Center by psychologist Ella Selak Bagarić. Our guests in the discussion were most interested in the treatment of children of perpetrators of violence, co-operation of the Center and the Courts and the manner of conducting the examination of children for the purposes of court proceedings.

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roditelji hr. On the Fit for Kids workshop at the Zagreb Fair

From other media News Portal delivered a report on the workshop Fit for Kids held at the Zagreb Fair March 9 to 11, organized by ABC parenting and There were creative, culinary and educational workshops for children and round tables for parents. At the round table "The impact of media on children" on behalf of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb participated psychologist Mia Roje:

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  • Brochure Brochure about Child Protectin Centre of Zagreb Brochure about Child protection centre of Zagreb, our team, goals and organization of work.
  • it-s-happened It’s happened, what now…? Leaflet for the parents of sexually abused children Early detection and appropriate intervention may alleviate the consequences of sexual abuse and ensure child recovery.
  • nasilna-ponasanja-mladih Attachment and violent behaviour in youth – Why is love important? A handbook that can help readers to understand better the roots of violent behavior in youth, as well as to find out how to rear a nonviolent child.
  • Handtbook on violence in youth relationships Is it possible that it is love? Handtbook on violence in youth relationships aiming to help the youth to get out of violent relationships, and helping future generations of children because family violence is transgenerational.
  • Handbook on sexual development of the child Sexual development of the child Primary purpose of this handbook is to help parents to be relaxed and prepared to accept sexuality as a part of their child's development and to be prepared to answer their child's questions about sexuality by giving information simply and appropriately for the child's age.
  • Handbook on bullying among children Bullying among children The purpose of this handbook is to try to meet children's needs and to answer adults' questions which are related to bullying and which we encounter at the Child protection centre.
  • This handbook for parents and professionals who provide support to the child who has experienced a loss. Supporting the mourning child This handbook is intended for parents and professionals who provide support to the child who has experienced a loss. It is well-known nowadays that children experience a loss in a way which is different from that of adults.
  • nasilje-preko-interneta Cyberbullying This handbook is intended for children, parents, teachers and everybody who works with children and we believe it will find its way to all those who want to work preventively in the protection of children and youth from the risks imposed by the Internet.
  • i-ja-mogu-uspjeti I can succeed, too! This handbook is intended for parents, educators, teachers and children who, in the education system, are also called the children with developmental problems or the children with specific learning difficulties. It is important to distinguish between the children with developmental problems and those with specific learning difficulties, although these categories may overlap.
  • Handbook about adolescents intended for parents and professionals Should we be concerned? This is a handbook about adolescents intended for parents and professionals. Adolescence is the time of growing into adulthood, when a person establishes a balance between his / her childhood and maturity. It is the period, as some name it, of self-development, when the young person revolts against authority, refuses to be controlled by parents and is getting closer to peers.
  • Workbook intended for hyperactive children. I can! This is a workbook intended for hyperactive children and also used by professional during a treatment. It is packed with ideas and suggestions about how to overcome certain difficulties and achieve more successful peer relationships, higher self-confidence, more assertive communication and overcome insufficiently developed skills necessary for school achievements.
  • Handbook about raising a child with ADHD. Child with ADHD This handbook comprises difficulties of children related to hyperactivity and offers answers to most frequent questions asked by parents and professionals who suspect the child might be hyperactive.
  • Handbook abot child neglect Child neglect This is a handbook about child neglect as the most frequent form of child abuse. It takes place when some of the child's basic needs are not satisfied and it can damage the child's health. Neglect can seriously affect physical and mental health and even lead to lethal outcome, especially if it is prolonged and if it has started within the first three years of life. In this period, the processes of growth and development of the child are the most intensive.
  • dogodilo-se-sto-sada-140x175 It’s happened, what now…? These five leaflets are intended for the parents of sexually abused children and care givers of children who have had traumatic experience - sexual abuse.
  • dijete-i-trauma The child and trauma "The child and trauma"  is leaflet  intended for the parents of children who have been exposed to traumatic experience. The leaflet provides parents with information about traumatic events and expected posttraumatic reactions and feelings of children.
  • Whitnessing family violence  Leaflets for parents and professionals under the title 'Witnessing family' violence define the family violence as any violence happening between the persons who live in the same home.